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1. The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) wishes to inform the 2000 applicants for employment into the Service who were irregularly issued letters of appointment in February 2015 that the Federal Government has approved a review of their case.

2. Following an emergency meeting of Civil Defence, Fire Service, Immigration and Prisons Board (CDFIPB) on the 11th of August 2016, the following guidelines were issued for screening of the applicants:

i. Security Clearance

ii. Drug Test

iii. Certificate Verification

iv. Implementation of the CDFIPB policy on “Age on Rank “ .

3. Consequent upon the above, applicants whose names are listed in this publication are requested to report at the NIS Headquarters, Abuja according to the time table below for screening. Please bring along Birth Records, Academic Record/Certificate, Certificate of previous employment if any, Indigene Certificate and two(2) Passport Photographs.






Abia        Jigawa

29th August, 2016

Kaduna –  Zamfara

30th August, 2016


Abia         Jigawa

31st August, 2016

Kaduna –  Zamfara

1st September, 2016

IA1 – IA3 (CONPASS 3,4,5)

Abia        Edo

2nd September, 2016

Ekiti          Kwara

5th September, 2016

Lagos      Zamfara

6th September, 2016

(Names of Applicants printed here)

4. The general public should please note that this advertorial is not a call for fresh recruitment. Therefore no application for recruitment should be forwarded to the NIS.






In acknowledgement of the plight of migrants all over the world and their growing number, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 18th of December as the International Migrants Day. We are expected to appreciate the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families all over the world.

Wikipedia defines “Migration” as the movement of people from one place to another with the aim of settling temporary or permanently. Migration occurs as a result of “push” and “pull” factors. The push factor includes: unemployment, over population, civil war, adventure intention to make easy money etc, while the pull factor are those which encourages the person to migrate, such as better jobs, better standard of living, better education, joining one’s family and the like.
It is generally agreed that migrants have contributed a lot in the development of the advanced world with their skills. These contributions are in the areas of science, sports, infrastructure, agriculture, medicine and a lot more.  I have been made to understand that the founders of google, yahoo, and intel are migrants. In the same token some migrants who have gone to foreign countries for employment but failed to achieve their dreams of gainful employment due to language, cultural barrier, discrimination, the fact that they lack the capacity to perform certain jobs that are available or that jobs are not just there, end up in crime. However, recent studies have shown that migrants are less likely to commit serious crimes than the natives.

Moreover, the automation of operations of services the world over has resulted in less demand for human labour with migrants being the worse off. Furthermore, the global economic slowdown coupled which the message of fear from the likes of Donald Trump that irregular migrants have the capacity to be  violent have caused a lot of apprehension in Europe and the United States. Therefore, various countries have placed ceilings to the number of immigrants that enter their countries even as refugees. 

The reaction of Europe to the 2015 migrant crisis has been largely uncoordinated.  Far–right Europeans who have anti-migrant tendencies have used the cover of the crisis to call on migrants to go home with some of them even labeling migrants as “hordes”. While the debate to resettle the refugees under the EU relocation scheme rages on and threatens the cohesion of the EU following reports that one of terrorist involved in the November, 13 in Paris was a Syrian, it has  become clear that some countries are willing to welcome and assimilate into their society migrants from the Middle East. However, the same cannot be said for African migrants. They have also reviewed their immigration and visa policies, introducing programmes that enable them to monitor and control immigrants. In fact, while the United States is worried about the growing population of children of unauthorized migrants in that country, Europe is reaching out to African nations in a new partnership that will result in   thousands of irregular migrants returning to their home countries on the excuse that the growing population in Europe and USA is putting a lot of pressure on their public services.

It is also not likely that in returning these migrants, those Africans including Nigerians that have excelled in sports, medicine, technology and the likes will be part of those deported. Instead those that would be sent back are likely to be those that perform menial duties, that could not cope with their social standards and ended up being petty criminals, those whose parents did not bother or could not formalize their stay there and therefore know little or nothing about Nigeria, those that would come back with tales of woe, those that will greet us with “Yo men” and “bull shit”, those that never sent money to their families back home nor even wrote letters.

As we celebrate the International Migrants Day, we should not only reflect on the plight of migrants in the Diaspora alone, but also acknowledge that there is a large population of Nigerians that are likely to be returned to this country over a period of ten years or more, which would put our ability to respond to traditional family values and humanity to the test.

It is on this note that I borrow a leaf from erudite former Minister of Information Tony Momoh to write to Nigerian families and prepare them for the rehabilitation and reintegration of their family members who may be returned under this circumstance. It is necessary to make these preparations as the returning Nigerians will be frustrated and dejected. We do not have to play the blame game or ask how much they brought back or the houses they built while abroad.

They need to be received with love, kindness and warmth. We need to heal their wounds. This is where the African traditional values will come to play.
Most importantly they also need to be monitored for any unusual behaviour that raises suspicion or threaten the peace. We have a duty to report such to security agencies promptly.

The Nigeria Immigration Service as statutorily required will receive them on arrival professionally and with warmth, for before you become an Immigration officer, you must first be a Nigerian who has imbibed the fine points of family values and patriotism. It is the duty of the NIS to ensure that they return to their states of origin and homes safely and in the most convenient way provided by law. Happily, the law has also empowered the NIS to curb the smuggling in persons under the new Immigration Act 2015.

At this juncture I wish to express the NIS gratitude to the  Federal Government, the National Assembly, the ECOWAS Commission, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Prof. Adedokun Adeyemi a consultant to the United Nations and other stakeholders who contributed immensely to the Immigration Act 2015 which has given the mandate to the Nigerian Immigration Service to deal with the issues of smuggling of migrants from Nigeria whether voluntarily or not, supplementing the United Nations Convention Against Transitional Organized Crime. The new Act provides harsh penalties such as jail terms and forfeiture of assets for sponsors and those who give consent or partake in it. 

 Flowing from the above Nigerian parents who give consent to their children to be smuggled out of Nigeria or who borrow money to pay or sell land to pay for such purpose run foul of the law and will be prosecuted accordingly.

In the same vein, I also wish to use this day to call on our youths who are the main victims in the smuggling of migrants to be more circumspect in their ambition. It is not just enough to say that the older generation has not given us the chance. You cannot always be spoon-fed. There are more opportunities now than before. For example, the youths can engage themselves in the social media positively by selling ideas or stimulating debate on entrepreneurship. After all, there are many Nigerian youth residing in this country who have excelled in entertainment, sports, advocacy, politics, entrepreneurship and others. We can also have youth groups, mothers, and civil society organisations take up this fight and make positive impact.

Government in its effort has created a Directorate of Migration with two divisions to administer regular migration and tackle irregular migration in the Nigeria Immigration Service. It has gone further in mandating by law the Public Relations Unit of the Service to undertake and enhance the public enlightenment and create awareness through seminars, workshops, publications, radio, television programmes and other means for educating the public on the dangers of smuggling of migrants.

The general public is therefore invited to collaborate with the NIS in executing this lofty mandate.




The Comptroller-General of Immigration Service,(CGI) Martin Abeshi has stated that Immigration personnel will be deployed to the new Immigration Control areas at the Murtala Mohammed Airport 2(mm2) in preparedness for the commencement of international flights on the 1st of December, 2015.
The CGI made this known at a meeting with Mr. Christophe Pennick, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Ltd, and operators of the Airport at the Service Headquarters, Abuja on Friday November 13, 2015.
Mr. Pennick was at the Service Headquarters to brief the CGI on the extent of work done at the Airport to ensure that facilities meet international standards. He confirmed that Bi-Courtney has provided well furnished offices for administration duties and put in place necessary facilities needed for processing of passengers in the Immigration Control areas of the Departure and Arrival halls as well as an interrogation room.   They have also provided a transit area for interline passengers and a holding area for passengers that may be refused entry into Nigeria and needs to be repatriated. He was therefore at the Service Headquarters to request that NIS personnel are deployed in good time for the take-off of the first international flight “I am here this morning to request that you post your staff to the Immigration Counters provided; the CEO said. He also said, “Facilities have been designed and produced in a manner to conform to international standards”, while providing seamless transit between international and domestic passengers as well.
The CGI in his response said that the Service has been monitoring developments at the mm2 since the Federal Government and Bi-Courtney Aviation Nig. Ltd signed the memorandum of understanding (Mou) and was satisfied with developments. “You have done well and shown seriousness in ensuring that mm2 becomes a model for airports in Africa”. He added that, “I will deploy officers who are well trained and conform to global best practices to you, however, for the purpose of effective control; the MM2 operations will be supervised by the Murtala Muhammed Airport Command.”
According to Pennick, Dana, Aereo and Medview airlines will commence flight using the MM2 to Accra and a few other destinations in West Africa.
He was accompanied by Olatunji Olayinka the Chief Security Officer of mm2.

Ekpedeme King (DCI)
Service Public Relations Officer
FOR: Comptroller of Immigration Service
16th November, 2015


L-R Christophe Pennick, CEO Bi-Courtney Aviations Nig. Ltd., Martin Abeshi, Comptroller General of Immigration and Olatunji Olayinka, Chief Security Officer of Bi-Courtney



  1. The attention of the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, Martins Kure Abeshi has been drawn to the fact that some faceless individuals are deceiving unsuspecting members of the public with promises of job placement into the Nigeria Immigration Service.
  2. It has therefore, become imperative to state categorically that the Nigeria Immigration Service is not engaged in any recruitment exercise.
  3. Members of the public are hereby ADVISED to ignore any offer of employment as such activity remains the handiwork of fraudsters who are out to deceive unsuspecting members of the public with the aim of swindling them of their hard earned money.
  4. The NIS has a duty to advertise any recruitment exercise into the Nigeria Immigration Service in line with the extant laws.


Ekpedeme King (DCI)
Service Public Relations Officer
FOR: Comptroller of Immigration Service
8th October,2015



Sequel to the receipt of damning security reports on the continued barricade of Major roads in the hinterland by security agencies, the NIS inclusive which sometimes cause serious accidents leading to loss of lives, the Comptroller General of Immigration has directed as follows:- I. That henceforth all barricades erected by NIS personnel on major roads, except at official control posts should be dismantled to allow for free movement of vehicles. This does not amount to an order to dismantle officially recognized check points. II. ACGs/Zonal Coordinators, State Command Comptrollers and sector Commanders are to ensure strict enforcement and compliance with the above directives.

I am also directed to add that any contravention of the above directives will be severely dealt with accordingly, please.

Comptroller of Immigration/PSO-CGI
FOR: Comptroller of Immigration Service
8th October,2015


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